Jan 20 2016

My Healthy Notion: Have your cake and eat it, too!


Feel good

 Have your cake and eat it??

Yes! I said have your cake and eat it! How you FEEL about the foods you eat contributes to your overall health. When one feels badly about eating certain food items because they think the food is unhealthy or bad, it leads to negative energy in the body. This negative energy can create illness, weight gain, and a general bad attitude. Even though you may initially think, “I shouldn’t be eating this” or “This is just going to make me fatter,” it is better to eat those food items and FEEL good about them.

So, you mean I can eat whatever I want??

Yes, but I’m not saying to go out and eat a lot of bad foods and “try” to feel good about it. My whole point here is that we have choices and on occasion we are going to eat food items which we think are bad for us. At those times, it is better to feel good and enjoy what we are eating. This is the opposite of what most of us do because we live in a negative world that is always pointing out the difference between good and bad.  But if you are going to eat something that you know is unhealthy why keep that negative energy going while you eat it and continue to feel badly about it into the rest of the day and night? Isn’t it a better Healthy Notion to train your mind and body to know that it can handle and eliminate all those food toxins in a timely manner. In this way, you are creating a stronger and more confident mindset and body.

Your body listens and follows what you FEEL. Appreciate and bless all the foods you eat (the good and bad) and the mind and body will continue to grow towards health. Enjoy!


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  1. Brittnei

    I never thought about this, but I do believe in negative and positive energy so it totally makes a ton of sense! This is a great post! Thanks so much for sharing wtih us on Countdown in Style! Don’t forget to come back on Friday to see if you are featured! xoxo

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