Jan 01 2014

January 2014 Instagram Challenge


This is the first time we at Healthy Notions have participated in an Instagram Challenge. We are excited to begin populating our Healthy Notions Instagram page with fun and exciting photos. Visit us there and follow us. We will follow you, too!

See ya on the flip side!

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January Instagram Challenge #myclean2014


Beginning January 1, 2014, we’ll be hosting a mini Instagram challenge. This is such a fun way to meet new people on Instagram, challenge yourself to stay focused on your goals and have fun in the process. Every day you’ll post a picture on Instagram using the themes below. Just make sure that you tag #myclean2014 and @grownandhealthy so we can all see what you post.

How to Participate

  1. Follow @grownandhealthy on Instagram

  2. Take a daily picture using the themes below, tagging #myclean2014 and @grownandhealthy in each so we can find your posts easily!

  3. Check out the other posts under the #myclean2014 thread to see what other great bloggers (and you great readers) are posting as well.

January Instagram Challenge #myclean2014

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