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M. Robbins-Marketing Manager and Web Site Administrator

M. Robbins-Marketing Manager and Web Site Administrator

You are in Healthy Notions!  My name is Mark Robbins, and I am the Administrator, Marketing and Production Manager.  I am also J’s nutrition cohort.

We are launching our new web site on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.  I want to welcome and encourage everyone to learn and to practice nutritional health through this web site.

I would like to share a product with you that I am currently using, it’s called Eidon Silica & MSM Moisturizing Lotion.  This wonderful product has helped me because it contains Silica and MSM which promotes healthy skin.  Click on this link and check it out:  http://amzn.to/16F9q9y

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  1. Rudy Silva

    Just checked out the ingredients on this product. This is a super product because it contain no artificial ingredients. I like this product for its msm and all the other herbs and natural oils it contains. Thanks for pointing this product out.

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