Oct 01 2016

Pathways to Health



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It’s funny how you really never know where your life path is going until it up and goes and takes you with it. That is how my pathway to Healthy Notions happened!

And this is my story…


Living in a small town in Nebraska is quite the challenge because we only have a couple health food stores around. Actually one if you want to get technical. Beings I spent my entire life in California, where health food stores are abundant, makes me appreciate these wonderful little stores even more.

I am the type that likes to integrate quality, whole foods into our diet and try new foods and recipes. I am also an avid food label reader, so when we go to a “normal” grocery store you can find me in the aisle reading labels and pondering the ingredients. I prefer to shop the perimeter of the store and will only go down the aisles for certain household products as needed -or- to read food labels *wink*!

Foods on our list of avoidance:

  • Highly-refined and processed foods
  • Any known GMO (genetically-modified organisms) fruits and vegetables
  • Any kind of food-types that are either canned, boxed, bagged, or frozen

When I was a kid, I did not have control over the types and quality of food I could eat. They were chosen for me. Nowadays, I have complete control over the foods I eat and am able to make the choices I see fit for my health.

During my teenage years, my mom became interested in herbs and nutrition and began talking about how to get healthier. Through her, I developed a keen interest in those two subjects. I wanted to read and know all I could about nutrition and herbs and surrounded myself with various nutrition, herbal, and holistic health books which inspired me to think about eating better. I had been eating from the Standard American Diet (SAD) which  created various afflictions in me. I basically just bought supplements and herbs to help deal with my afflictions, but also held on to my SAD diet. A no-win situation!

Looking back, I knew a better diet and lifestyle would have helped, but at the time I could not tame my food addictions (fast food, sugars, processed and refined foods, restaurants, etc.). I continued to keep my interest in herbs and nutrition alive, but it was not until I started my Diet Counselor training and Nutrition Educator programs with Bauman College that I began to fully understand the need to use food and herbs to help myself heal.

My current diet is a lot healthier and more balanced than previous years. Since then, I have adapted my diet to one that incorporates a lot of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables (organic when available), better quality meats (organic and grass-fed), legumes and beans, nuts and seeds, fermented foods, and quality fats and oils. We shop the health food store, Farmer’s Market, and then purchase residual foods at our local grocery stores.

There is always something that needs working on when it comes to our diet, lifestyle, and attitude. That is why I am now a Nutrition Educator, Family Herbalist, and a  recent graduate of the Hawthorn University’s Scientific Foundations of Holistic Nutrition (SFHN) program. These were my stepping stones on my pathway to Healthy Notions, and I’m just glad to be here for you.

Eat Well ~ Stay Well

Jan Robbins
Healthy Notions

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