May 01 2013

Rainbow Salads


Nutritious vegetable salad

When making salads, add a combination of different colored vegetables. A “Rainbow Salad” ensures that you get enough vitamins and minerals. Mostly because each one would contain various types and amounts of the needed nutrients in them. There are also a variety of lettuces and plant leaves that would make any salad interesting such as arugula, spinach, romaine, bibb, red leaf, kale, chard, beet tops, etc.

Be creative and colorful when making your salads and those very colors will reward your body with a myriad of nutrients and keep you healthy and happy.

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  1. Lorraine Terrell

    Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if it’s OK to copy some of the text in my site?

    1. Jan Robbins

      Lorraine Terrell ~ Thanks for your interest in Healthy Notions. Email us at healthynotions@yahoo.com with your request and the URL of your site. Have a great day!

  2. Rudy

    This is a great idea and it should also be also be followed when people eat fruits. The idea about fresh raw vegetables is that cooking them does not give you the fiber value as raw does, so it better to eat raw. But some vegetables need to be cooked for better digestion and should only be cooked for a few minutes.

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